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About company

“Solntsev and Partners” is a professional association of experienced, highly qualified specialists, created on the basis of the law firm “Juris”. The company has nine lawyers, including three partners with many years of legal experience.

In our work, we adhere to the generally accepted professional standards of legal services and high professional ethics in the world, providing our clients with a high professional level of services and excellent service.

Since the founding of the company, we have not ceased to develop, attracting new and successful partners, learning new practices, and developing the professional skills of employees.

300 000

Number of clients

300 000

Recovered rubles

30 years

Average employee experience

1 500

Conducted court sessions


Solntsev Stanislav Evgenievich

Head master

Geography of our clients

Customer reviews

Julia Alekseeva4

For several years in a row, my father Alekseev Felix Evgenievich and I collaborated with the Foundation "Istok". My father was preparing texts for the “Nature of Kaliningrad region” book series, and I, as a professional photographer, were preparing photo-illustrations. After the publication of books with the foundation, we had a conflict - the reward for using our copyright was not paid in full ...

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